Flattery will get you everywhere.

After a slightly disastrous bit of manscaping on the day I am having a portrait taken, I was trying to disguise the damage I had caused. I tried putting a hat on. I thought it improved the whole look from disaster to merely “Mishap”.

Me: “Lucinda, does this look better?”
Lucinda: “You still look like a bug eyed dog begging for pizza. But it’s slightly better.”


Audrey thought I needed a wig.


Nick’s 50th

Josh made me this video!

Kim made me one too, but I havent put it on YouTube yet. Stay Tuned.

Get your skates on!

Audrey has made her own skates: Lego train carriages, and paper.

Audrey's home made skates: Lego and paper.

Audrey’s home made skates: Lego and paper.

Audrey's home made skates: Lego and paper.

Audrey’s home made skates: Lego and paper.

Feeling grateful

Some days you just feel very grateful for the friends you have. Like now, hanging this painting by my friend Bruce Taylor. What a birthday present.



Unaccompanied Major Deal

Lucinda spent the weekend in Adelaide with Paige, Karen, Phil, Corrie, Zac, Amelia, Luke and all in Adelaide, flying unaccompanied minor. See the wristbands, worn as a badge of pride!

Unacompannied Minor

Two ways to get to school

This post has a video in it which might take a while to download, depending on the link you have. It’s about 6M. On the way to school, there is a steep hill as the path goes under St Georges Rd. The video shows how 2 different daughters navigate the same path to

get to school.

Pedicure or exorcism?

I went to Varanasi with Dave recently – do you know the place?
Its where many Indians go to cremate their dead. The city is choked with teams of people running through town with beautifully draped corpses. You can hear them coming because there are always at least 2 drummers with the team. Just imagine: drummers with JOBS! Plus an audience that cant throw things at you.

Anyway we spent a lot of time walking around the ghats – and there is grey dust everywhere, and grey mud – and the city itself is swathed in a grey mist, and grey dust. You’re walking around – and you know whats in that grey dust. Now its a week later and my feet are still black. I cant get the dead people out of my feet. And you thought cracked heels were bad. Its freaking me out. I need a spiritual podiatrist. Or maybe a spiritualist with a foot fetish. I’m not sure.




Walking into the future

Ethan starts high school.

Ethan starts high school.

Ethan’s first day at Fitzroy High School.